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Proposed service change affecting OCTA-NCTD connection in San Clemente

Back in 2011, I published the story Transit Trip in Trouble about possible changes to North County Transit District’s #395 between San Clemente and Oceanside. NCTD is now considering cutting the #395 and replacing it with a flexible-destination service (“FLEX”). Unfortunately, the replacement service would run only as far as Camp San Onofre, leaving Camp San Mateo and […]

Omni-Faster: Speeding Up Bus Service in San Bernardino County

During the past two years, Omnitrans has added two bus services that enable passengers to travel faster. These are the sbX bus rapid transit system, which opened in April 2014, and Line #290, a freeway express bus route that started service in September 2015. Up until now, I had not had a chance to ride either […]

Metro’s Last SGV Holdouts go Blue and White – Foothill Transit Takes Lines #190 and #194

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, at 1:54 am, Metro’s Line #194 bus pulled up to the bus stop at Pomona and Temple, near the Cal Poly Pomona campus, discharged a handful of passengers, then “deadheaded” (traveled empty) back to its “home” at El Monte Station. It would be the last time the orange-colored bus would […]