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There’s a book in all of this…

and it’s coming out in early November! Hello everyone, History Press (Charleston, SC) agreed to publish “Hidden History of Los Angeles Transportation.”* earlier this year. I have now learned that the book will be out November 4. (It can already be preordered through Amazon or Barnes and Noble by searching for the title:) This book […]

A mini-“Yahoo” for me

I belong to an online writers’ critique group known as the Internet Writers’ Workshop. We discuss subjects related to the craft and business of writing, and critique each other’s writing projects. If you are the least bit interested in any kind of writing, I highly recommend the IWW. Any time one of our members gets […]

Southern California’s “Secret” Libraries – The Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF) at UCLA

(An occasional series describing a less-well known library or archive in Southern California, and its relevance to transportation history) To be an effective transportation (or other kind of) historian, it is often necessary to access older documents in print or microfilm. Not everything is on the Internet (yet…) However,  old books and periodicals can be […]