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Transit Service on Wild, Wild, Western Ave.

The history of bus service on Western Avenue (which never had streetcars, except for a short section near Hollywood) began in 1923 when Los Angeles Motor Coach (a bus company jointly owned by the Pacific Electric and the Los Angeles Railway) implemented a local bus line (#84) on Western. Initially, #84 ran between Hollywood and […]

El Monte Station: Past, Present and Future

The old El Monte Bus Station, which used to resonate with the roar of buses, is now eerily quiet. Instead, the buses have moved to a temporary bus terminal in one of the station’s former parking lots. There are two bus islands; one for MTA buses, the other for Foothill. On days when the weather […]

Santa Barbara Greyhound station to close

The story was in the January 12, 2010 Santa Barbara News Press: “Greyhound On The Move.” Greyhound is closing its Santa Barbara terminal, and, at this point in time, doesn’t know where in Santa Barbara it will stop. On a Greyhound enthusiast’s mailing list, a retired Greyhound employe  describes the Santa Barbara Greyhound station as […]