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RTD’s (and Metro’s) Summer Fun Bus: Line #460

Another bus route with a long and interesting history is Metro’s #460, running between Los Angeles and Disneyland (Anaheim). Despite all of the route changes, and competition from Metrolink trains and OCTA commuter buses, #460 remains an important link between Los Angeles and Orange Counties. #460’s Early History Line #460 can trace its history to […]

El Monte Station: Past, Present and Future

The old El Monte Bus Station, which used to resonate with the roar of buses, is now eerily quiet. Instead, the buses have moved to a temporary bus terminal in one of the station’s former parking lots. There are two bus islands; one for MTA buses, the other for Foothill. On days when the weather […]

Southern California’s “Secret” Libraries – The Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF) at UCLA

(An occasional series describing a less-well known library or archive in Southern California, and its relevance to transportation history) To be an effective transportation (or other kind of) historian, it is often necessary to access older documents in print or microfilm. Not everything is on the Internet (yet…) However,  old books and periodicals can be […]